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Supervisor 35



The position as a supervisor offers challenges and also opportunities to perform better. Supervisors act as the touch point of management and employees interaction. Due to the massive numbers of employees, this touch point is very significant to achieve company’s objective.

Supervisors’ skill to manage their daily tasks will
determine their success in achieving objectives. Hence, the ability of supervisors in self management, task management, and people management needs to be considered carefully.

Supervisor 35 program is designed to provide participants with those 3 important aspects, giving feedback about SELF, and improving abilities with various skill practices and exercises.


Be able to implement skills in Task Management with goal setting to effectively perform work planning, implementation, control, and corrective actions.

  • Use effective communication skill to create comfortable and productive work environment through assertive communication.
  • Posses ability to understand different people characteristics, useful to produce effective relations with subordinates.
  • Be able to develop various alternatives to create and improve teamwork in your work unit.

Course Outline

  • Supervisory overview
  • Task Management : Basic Mentality & PDCA, People
  • Management : Leadership, Delegation Assertive
  • Communication, and Team Building
  • Self Management : Priority and Motivaiton
  • Exercise and Role Play

Duration :

  • 2 days ( 08.00 – 17.00)
  • 20 % Conceptual Framework
  • 80 % Individual Assessment
  • Excercise
  • Case Study

Venue :


Metodhology :

  •  Lecture
    • Theories and conceptual overview in lecture format with Q and A sessions.
  •  Video Learning
    • Watching positive model in implementing theapproach
  • Self Administered Questionnaire/Assessment
    • Self feedback form some self assessment / questionnaire on his/herself
  •  Games
    • Experiential activity that gives participant insight to conceptual knowledge
  • Discussion
    • Participants will discuss and solve issues in teams.
  •  Case studies
    • Case study will enhance participants’ ability in applying theory in real situation.
  • Skill Practice
    • Participants will be practicing knowledge and skill acquired in the training through various form.


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