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BOGOR | December 10-11, 2012 | Rp. 6.000.000,-/participant 



Inspirational & Transformational Leadership Program is designed in such a way that can help managers improve the quality of unit leadership. The point through Inspirational & Transformational Leadership training will be developed your ability to inspire others to be excited and motivated to achieve a shared vision, a vision that is at once personal and corporate vision. In particular, through intensive training, the participants will learn:

  •  Understand the knowledge about leadership and distinguish it from Management
  • Understanding human needs and the importance of individual motivation to achieve a shared vision
  •  Understand the meaning and importance of vision and be able to align personal vision and the vision of the company organization
  •  Understand the key skills and competencies of a leader as well as the characteristics of effective leaders
  • Align unit activity with a larger organization through effective team
  • Motivate and develop team members to generate new ideas
  • Practice to sharpen and improve the quality of leadership in detail to be applied in daily work




Introduction & Participants’ expectation

  • Introduction to the initial condition for participants in order to “turn in” to the training program
  • Understand the further individual wishes of participants to follow the training program and wherever possible accommodate the expectations of the relevant

Leadership VS Management

  • Match the definition and understanding of participants about leadership (leadership)
  • Understand the fundamental differences between leadership by management to be able to understand more about the aspects of leadership
  • providing knowledge about the characteristics of effective leaders
  • Provide basic practical training on leadership

Human Needs and Motivation

  • Understand the basic human needs and respect in everyday working life
  • Understand the motivation and understanding of the types of human motivation and its relation to the everyday working life
  • Learn to understand what motivates others and through this the participants can understand others
  • To give participants an overview of the relationship of leadership and motivation

Vision: From Dream into Action

  • Understand the sense of vision (vision) and its relation to the mission (mission), the values (values) and behavior (behavior) a person and organization
  • Sharing what dreams / goals you are working with other participants and get their responses
  • Know the basic concept of alignment in the organization
  • Identify your personal dreams (personal vision) and sync with the vision of the organization
  • To give participants an overview on the importance of vision and leadership in achieving the vision of the relationshi

Leadership Skills Model

  • Understand the skills required at every level of the three levels of leadership within the organization
  • Leadership Skills Understanding Models with four main components
  • Understand the basic skills of four major components of Leadership Skills
  • The deepening of the four major components of the Leadership Skills Model-group discussions among the participants as a first step in improving the quality of leadership participants



Leadership Skills in Action

  • Provide participants with a better understanding of many aspects of emotion involved in a game with the “Organizational Maze”
  • Leadership Skills Helps participants apply their implementation in daily work

Action 1: Inspiring and Transforming People

Train participants in improving leadership skills to inspire others – namely the members of his team, in the way:

  • Envision: Provides vision teamwork
  • Encourage: Gives a boost to the team’s work
  • Challenge: Providing a challenge to the work team

Action 2: Engagement

Train participants improve leadership skills and engage in inviting others – namely the members of his team, in the way:

  • Inquire: Winning the hearts of the working team members by asking
  • Listen: Give the award and involves teamwork by listening to their opinions
  • Contribute: Give an offer to the team leader working to help members

Action 3: Building Trust

Train participants improve leadership skills in building and gain the trust of others – namely the members of his team, in the way:

  • Identify with Other: Recognizing the work team
  • Disclose: Open yourself to the work team
  • Empower: Giving power to the work team

Action 4: Sustaining Commitment

Train participants improve leadership skills in maintaining the commitment of others – namely the members of his team, in the way:

  • Renew: Renew and give refreshment to the work team
  • Recognize: Give recognition and appreciation of personal and group
  • Facilitating Learning: Facilitating a willingness to learn and progress of the team members work

Knowledge and Skills Integration

  • Facilitate the participants to be able to integrate all the knowledge and leadership skills acquired during the training
  • Encourage each participant to be willing and able to demonstrate leadership skills (leadership skills) that is inspiring, incorporating, building trust, and maintain a commitment to the dream / vision in everyday working life



Duration of the program Training Inspirational & Transformational Leadership:

2 days (about 08.00 am up to 04.00 pm).



Inspirational & Transformational Leadership Training Program is designed for 2 (two) days, using a variety of methods for participants to learn, experience and practice the behavior of an effective leader. These methods include:

  • Lecturing
  •  Case Studies
  • Discussion Group
  •  Games



Course Leader

Irfan Riza, SE, Msi, MA.

Alumni Faculty of Economics, University of Gadjah Mada University, Alumni Graduate Master of Science with a concentration of HR and Organizational Development University of Gadjah Mada University, Alumni Program MA in Conflict Transformation and Sustainable Development, School of International Training, Vermont, USA, Alumni Levinson Institute, New York, USA and Certified Mediator of the School of International Training, USA. Now is completing doctoral education in the field of Human Resources Management State University of Jakarta.

As academics and consultants / professional trainer over 15 years in the areas of: Human Resources Development, Leadership & Supervisory, Communication, Risk Management, ISO 26000 on Social Responsibility, ISO 31 000 on Risk Management, Organizational Development & Change, Customer Service, Human Capital, Productivity Management, Knowledge Management, Strategic Management, CSR & Community Development, Personal Development, General Management, Local Government, Political Strategy, etc..

Training of teaching experience in public and in-house employees who attended from several national private companies, multinational, state and local governments: Perum Peruri, Djarum Group, PPA, Ministry of Enterprise, DPD RI, PT PLN Persero, PT Antam Corporation, PT PTPN Group, BDE Bank, Bank of Central Java, Riau Islands Bank, Indexim Coalindo, PT Krakatau Steel, Jewel Bank, Season Mas Group, PT Arutmin, PT Semen Gresik, PT Krakatau Steel, PT Pertamina, PT Arun, PT Indonesia Power, PT KAI, PT Pupuk Kaltim , BNI 46, PT Pusri Palembang, PT Timah, Chevron, PT Generating Java Bali, PT Pelindo, PT Indocement, PT NHM, PT Kalimantan Prima Coal, PT Newmont, Freeport, Pacitan local government, local government Ngawi, Magetan local government, local government Indragiri Hulu, PAPUA Local Government, Local Government Local Government Kalsel, Roxburgh, etc. Besides active in the field of consultancy and training in management and local government as well as the seasoned expert staff fields Parliament Constituency Empowerment and Regional Planning, is also active as an activist in the field of social and public issues. Now active as a senior trainer / consultant at Children’s National, Transforming Indonesia, Next Dimension Consulting, SMS Consulting Batam, Smart Asia, Indonesia Speaker,, Prosafe Institute, Pusdiklat CPC Central RRI Pusdiklat Center, Pusdiklat Oil and Gas Centre, SAI Global, and a variety of training providers in Jakarta and Yogyakarta




schedule, tuition & facilities :

  • Language                    : Bahasa Indonesia
  • Text & Handouts         : English & Bahasa Indonesia
  • Date                            : 10-11 December 2012
  • Duration                      : 2 days

Facilities :

Two-day registration fee for all training sessions; Quality Training Material (Hardcopy and Softcopy); Quality Training Kits; Convenient Training Facilities at Four Star Hotel; Refreshment and Luncheons, Certificate of Completion, Entertainment or Souvenir.



  • Integrated Quality Training Material (HARDCOPY AND SOFTCOPY) & Quality Training Kits will be delivered on registration, additional papers & handouts assignment
  •    Note-taking by participants is encouraged. However, to ensure free and open discussions, no formal records will be kept.



All attendees will receive a Certificate of Appreciation attesting to their participation in the Training.  This certificate will be providing in exchange for a completed Training Questionnaire.



Casual Clothing is recommended. The Training atmosphere is informal


Registration Fee:

(Exclude accommodation)

  • o Rp. 6.000.000,-/participant
  • o Rp. 5.500.000,-/participant if register more than 5 participants from 1 Company


Registration Deadline: December 3, 2012


  •  Registration Form MUST be return in advance for attending the training.
  • Full fixed fee is charged regardless of the length of time that registrant attends the training.
  •   Attendees are expected to attend all Training sessions and are not permitted to attend on a partial basis.



  • Cancellation received after the registration deadline, December 3, 2012, registrants have to pay 25% from total payment.
  •   Cancellation on the date will be recharged 100% from the fee.
  • No refund will be issued, if a registrant fails to show up at the Training on-site.


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