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Effective Influencing Skills

Effective Influencing Skills

Papandayan Hotel, Bandung | November  12 – 14 ,2012 | Rp.5.000.000,- / person non residential



  • There we met Manager that can not be bothered to find and choose words that are Good and True in interacting and communicating to his men, because there is an easier way, namely to impose the will to use power (Power).
  •  The Manager would not be happy if his work in a state of fear and distress, but there is still a manager who leads with an authoritarian style, by threatening and pressing.
  • Leadership Skills and Communication Skills must be owned by a Manager, namely the “ability to influence others in achieving the desire, without coercion,” which is the definition of Leadership & Communication.
  •  A manager is right, and absolutely Manager, more than 60% of time is interacting with others in the form of command Giving, Giving Warning, Giving Guidance, Leading Meetings.


After completion of the program, participants will:

  • Have an awareness that the ability to influence the process of interaction and communication is the main requirement in achieving the desire.
  •  Understanding the relationship between Leadership, Komunimaksi and Effort Affect in the process of creating a conducive working atmosphere as the main requirement in raising initiatives and employee motivation.
  •  Have the ability to influence without using the Power.
  •  Have an awareness that speaking style or choose the words Good and True greatly affect the atmosphere of the work environment.
  •  Able to provide negative feedback in a positive way.
  •  Understand and have the knowledge & skills in using 7 Human Nature in the process of influencing, as well as its application to various forms of interaction in everyday practice.


  • The relationship between the desire and means
  • The role of interaction in the process of achieving the desire
  • The nature of interaction as a process of influencing
  • Examples of interactions in daily practice
  •  Between Leadership, Communication and Influence
  • Between the selection of words and language acquisition
  • Use of Position Power and Personal Power
  •  Relationships Style The language used by the working atmosphere
  • The role of the mouth in the process of interaction
  • Relationships Mood with attitude, expressions and words are chosen
  • Relations Speech and Action, and attitudes Hypocrisy
  •  Philosophy of Water in kettle
  •  Technics acquire Trust (Trust) from someone else)
  •  Between Trust and Self Confidence, and a willingness to work together
  •  Between Intention and How to get there
  • 4 Main Terms of the success of “Influence”
  •  In the communication, the problem is not what is said, but How can I say
  •  Things that affect the way communication
  • Definition of Active Listening and Speaking Effectively
  •  Know the 7 Nature of Man in communicating
  •  Definition of Leadership’s feedback as a Tool
  •  Technics give negative feedback in a positive way
  •  Giving positive feedback without the word “But”
  •  Technical interaction in introducing change (Change)
  •  Techniques to overcome resistance to change
  •  Techniques to speak of Good and True
  •  When did the saying “Silence is Golden” applies?
  •  Positive euphemism dalam berkomunikasi


Manager or any person in carrying out the task of obtaining results with and through others




(CV Lengkap by request)




  • Date           :  Nov 12 – 14 ,2012
  • Place        : Papandayan Hotel,Bandung Gatot Subroto 83, Street.  Bandung
  • Fee              : Rp.5.000.000,- / person non residential





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