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Aston Tropicana Hotel, Bandung | March 18 – 20 , 2014 | Rp 8.900.000/peserta


In order for leadership to be effective it needs to be dynamic. Dynamic leadership is a dual-focused form of adaptive leadership that allows a leader to react to changes by being proactive. Now, all organization needs dynamic leaders to run their dynamic environment. It is because generally a dynamic leaders are aware of their own thoughts and behaviors. They welcome fresh ways to approach situations that others perceive as problems because they see them as opportunities. They explore their own bias and understand the impact of bias on others, performance and the organization. Dynamic leaders have a great sense of awareness, and they continually increase their awareness of self and others.

The benefit to join this course

  • Acquire the confidence and self-esteem to help you step up to an administrative leadership role
  • Understand leadership behavior
  • Develop strategies to influence and motivate up, down and across the organization
  • Learn how to choose optimism and eliminate negatives
  • How to build credibility and trust
  • Become more effective at influencing others and become dynamic leader



Course Content

  • Self Management
  • Analyze leadership styles and recognize strength & weaknesses
  • Positive Attitude and Win-Win Mentality
  • Management Skills
  • Coaching and how to give constructive feedback
  • Overcome communication barriers to productivity
  • Empathy- the art of listening
  • Decision -making tools for effective leadership
  • How to influence people
  • Career Development Strategies – creating development plan



Ir. H Kris Hendardjo MBA.

He has more than 25 years experienced as trainer in domestic & overseas in “Soft Skill”major, ie. Leadership & Management Skills, Communication, Motivation, Outbound and Interpersonal Skills for various Oil Companies, Mining, Banks, Automotives, Insurances, Fertilizer, Garments, Chemical Industries, Telkom, PLN, Peruri etc. His professional career started on PT. Stanvac Indonesia (1976) as District Geologist, Arco (1980- 1982) as development geologist, Conoco Indonesia Inc. (1982-1998) as Chief Geoscientist, for 17 years in Conoco Indonesia Inc., he had got training assignment for 2 year in Conoco London, UK (1985-1986) and Working assignment in Conoco Houston, USA (1991-1993). He continued his career in Sperry-Sun as Sales Manager and Halliburton Indonesia as Account Manager. He has been implementing his knowledge and experience through develop companies and actives as trainer/instructor/lecturer in universities and institutions. He also trusted as Principle Centered Leadership (PCL) facilitator for all Conoco Indonesia employees. Certified Facilitator of Covey Leadership Center for the 7 Habits Program. In 1996, he obtained “Highest Award for Achievement from Dale Carnegie Institute” for his expertise and skill in motivation teaching. As professional, he also involve as member in AAPG, IAGI, HAGI, HFI, Member of KIKAS (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry-the US Committee) and SPE member.



  • Rp 8.900.000/peserta
  • Rp 8.500.000/ 3 peserta dalam 1 perusahaan
  • Rp 7.900.000/  5 peserta dalam 1 perusahaan

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