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Transformational Leadership


Business today demands high caliber leaders, not only good managers. Good leaders need to be able to influence others to work at their best performance. Recent leadership approach is emphasizing in transforming followers to be independent and empowered people. The success of a leader is based on the ability for enabling people to perform well.



After completing this training, you are expected to:

  • Acquire somprehension of various approach of Leadership
  • Gain greater self-insight about your strenght on Transformational Leadership
  • Able to apply Transformational Leadership on daily activity
  • Awareness to empower all of team member you led

Course Outline

  • Time capsules od Leadership
  • Why Transformational Leadership (TransLead)
  • TransLead 1 : Individualized Consideration
  • Translead 2 : Inspirational Motivation
  • Translead 3 : Intellectual Stimulation
  • Translead 4 : Idealized Influence
  • The Other factor : Attributed Charismatic & Extra effort
  • 45 days challenge

Number of Participant :
Max. 20 pax


Duration :

  1. 2 days ( 08.00 – 17.00)
  2. 20 % Conceptual Framework
  3. 80 % Individual Assessment Excercise
  4. 15 minutes Presentation simulation
  5. (participant must bring notebook and installed microsoft powerpoint 2010)

Venue :


Metodhology :

  • Lecture
    • Theories and conceptual overview in lecture format with Q and A sessions.
  • Video Learning
    • Watching positive model in implementing the approach
  • Games
    • Experiential activity that gives participant insight to conceptual knowledge
  • Discussion
    • Participants will discuss and solve issues in teams.
  • Case studies
    • Case study will enhance participants’ ability in applying theory in real situation.
  • Skill Practice
    • Participants will be practicing knowledge and skill acquired in the training through various form.


External facilitators



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