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Hotel Menara Peninsula Slipi, Jakarta | Senin-Selasa, 2-3 Juli 2012 | 09 – 17.00 WIB | Rp. 3.500.000,-
Hotel Menara Peninsula Slipi, Jakarta | Kamis-Jumat, 2-3 Agustus 2012 | 09 – 17.00 WIB | Rp. 3.500.000,-



1. Results of research on: Why companies can be successful.

  • From 7s to BSC.
  • The latest research: 7 essentials of high growth companies ( David  G. Thomson)

2. Results of research on: Why even successful companies could fail.

  • From Billion Dollar Lessons to
  • How the Mighty Fall ( Jim Collins )

3. Differentiate ( Uniqueness ) or Die 
4. 5Cs : Company – Customers- Competitors – Changes – Collaboration
5. Achieving Vision and Mission through Strategy Map  and Balanced Scorecard
6. Business Model – Source of Revenues
7. Strategies  for riding a tidal wave  of business  2011 + Cases


1. Customer Centric for All Manager

  • How customers think
  • Indonesian consumer behaviors
  • 3 segments
  • Strategy for each segment ( Treacy Wieserma )
  • Understanding Marketing Metrics

2. Internal Process / Operations Management for All Managers

  • Process analysis / Process FlowChart
  • Measuring Process Performance
  • Improving Quality : DMAIC and ServQual
  • Supply Chain Strategy

3. Leveraging Human Capital for All Managers

  • Memotivasi manager non HR untuk turut memikirkan SDM
  • Internalizing Corporate Culture in each Business Unit

4. Small Project Management in Business Unit for Continuous Improvement Project  Initiation

  • Finding gaps : problem OR opportunity
  • Funneling and prioritizing
    • General Aims: Project Objective (what will be achieved by when)
    • Initial Risk(s)
    • Project Deliverables (what will be delivered by when)
    • Shareholder analysis
    • Success Criteria (what will meet or exceed the expectation of each stakeholder)
  • 5. Deliverable / Output:

    • Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard
    • Pemilihan Marketing Strategy
    • 1-page Strategic Planning ( used in Astra and Triputra )
    • Motivating employees with NON-MONETARY approach
    • Small Project (Revenue Improvement OR Cost Reduction )


    • Managers know the big picture on the running business unit.
    • Managers understand all aspect on business functions across finance, operation, marketing, learning/growth and customer.
    • Managers can align with other dept and creating internal value chain
    • Managers can improve its department performance by executing project improvement plan


    Pelatihan ini menekankan penggunaan diskusi,simulasi, games, pembahasan kasus-kasus, latihan, multimedia.



    He is an Organization  Development  consultant in several companies. When he was a VP Training  and  Senior  Consultant  in  progressive  Consulting  Firm,  he  successfully  “diagnoses”  the  most  important  priorities  to  address  in  the  organization,  suggests  a  change‐management  plan, and then guides the organization through the necessary  change in Nuqul Group in Jordan ‐ Middle East.  Nuqul Group embraces 31 regional  and  global  companies,  with  3000  employees in Jordan and over 5500 worldwide.

    Daniel  also  assisted  Change  Management    Program  in  Coal  Mining  company  from  Thailand,  handled  Managers  Development  Programs  and  improving  corporate  system  using  KPI  and  Balanced  Scorecard  in  several  oil  companies  ,  coal  mining  companies  ,  banks,  IT  and  cement  industry.  His  last  project  was  OD  Consultation  in  Garuda Indonesia  – Perumnas – and in Darya Varia Lab (including Medifarma and Prafa)

    His main expertise is in improving  the effectiveness of people

    and organizations by:

    1. Establishing relationships with key personnel in the Organization
    2. Researching and evaluating systems in the organization to  understand  dysfunctions  and/or  goals  of  the  systems  in  the  organization
    3. Identifying  approaches  (or  “interventions”)  to  improve  effectiveness of the organization and its people;
    4. Applying approaches to improve effectiveness
    5. Evaluating the ongoing effectiveness of the approaches and  their results.

    He  is  also  a  senior  lecturer,  with  14  years  outstanding  facilitating  and  lecturing  experience  in    well‐known      MBA  programs.  He  won  best  lecturer  at  London  School    ‐ Post  Graduate  Program  and Monash University,  In  the  distant  past,  he  was  also  a  facilitator    for  state‐owned  companies  such as  PT Krakatau Steel & Pemda Sumatra Barat, and also  as an Instructor in  several educational institutions in Jakarta :

    LPKT Gramedia , Purwadhika, Megahertz etc .

    As a contributor for national magazines such as SWA , Kontan and Jakarta  Post,  he got Certified Professional Director from  IICD in 2009

    Jadwal & Tempat :

    • Senin-Selasa, 2-3 Juli 2012
    • Kamis-Jumat, 2-3 Agustus 2012
    • Pkl. 09.00 – 16.00 WIB
    • Hotel Menara Peninsula Slipi Jakarta

    Investasi :

    • Rp. 3.500.000,- /peserta
    • Including : Sertifikat,Training Modules, Workshop kit, Lunch, Snack, Foto 10R.


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