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Jakarta | 19 – 20 Maret 2015 | Rp 3.500.000
Jakarta | 26 – 27 Mei 2015 | Rp 3.500.000
Jakarta | 01 – 02 Juli 2015 | Rp 3.500.000
Jakarta | 17 – 18 September 2015 | Rp 3.500.000
Jakarta | 16 – 17 November 2015 | Rp 3.500.000




Most people perceive leadership is applicable for manager level which actually leadership is not talking about position but talking about how to influence others to achieve organization goal. Leadership skill is actually very needed by all level including first level staff in organization. Leadership skill will help employee how to make themselves be effective to influence others.



To help participants to:

  1. Define and describe what leadership is
  2. Have awareness of leadership role to achieve their goal
  3. Be able to manage themselves, peers, and even boss
  4. Perform as trustable person with high integrity & credibility
  5. Be effective in influencing others through excellent communication & interpersonal skill
  6. Practice leadership principles to elevate their capability and prepare themselves to next level of personal quality



Session 1: Leadership Principles

  1. Definition, concepts and opinion
  2. Myths in leadership
  3. Leadership competencies
    1. Empowering
    2. Risk taker versus Good guy
    3. Inspiring
    4. Influencing
    5. Technical skills
  4. Discussion & case study
  5. Commitment and action plan

Session 2: Managing Self: High Quality Leadership

  1. The importance of trust
  2. How to attain “trust” from others: Competency & Character
  3. Break mental block
  4. Build credibility & integrity
  5. Discussion & case study
  6. Commitment & action plan

Session 3: Managing Peers

  1. How to deal with various people: to build interpersonal skills
  2. Managing conflict without conflict
  3. How to influence peers to achieve goals and solve problem
  4. Discussion, exercise & case study
  5. Commitment & action plan

Session 4: Managing boss

  1. Who is your boss?
  2. Figure out your boss profile: strength and weakness, work orientation, working style, communication style
  3. How to serve boss?
  4. How to make your boss to agree with what you need?
  5. Instructing boss without making them feel instructed
  6. Discussion, Exercise & case study
  7. Commitment & action plan

Session 5: Effective managing tasks

  1. Why are your tasks not effective? Identify the causes
  2. The biggest enemy of employees: Time Management
  3. Procrastination: the wicked enemy of success
  4. Execution
  5. Following up
  6. The power of reporting
  7. Discussion, Exercise & case study
  8. Commitment & action plan



Every people who concern with the importance of leadership. It is applicable for all level of employees.



Fokus pada pelatihan aktif, presentasi, interaktif, diskusi kelompok, brainstorming, bermain peran, berpikir kreatif, simulasi, belajar dalam kompetisi permainan, studi kasus, latihan, bimbingan, diskusi, perenungan, experiential learning, icebreaker.


Trainer :

Ir. Wilbert Situmeang,CBA,CPHR,CHt

Ir.Wilbert Situmeang adalah seorang Trainer, Business & Sales Coach, Counselor dengan pengalaman 17 tahun di bidang Selling dari posisi staff sampai ke level Director

Spesialisasi di bidang : Motivational, Sales, Leadership, Persuasi , negosiasi, Coaching & Counseling

Certified dalam berbagai kompetensi dari lembaga local maupun Internasional:

  • Certified of Six Thinking Hats (Creative Thinking )
  • Certified of Sales Coach
  • Certified Behavior Analyst (CBA)
  • Certified of Hypnotherapy (CHt) dari Indonesia Board of Hypnosis (IBH)
  • Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP)
  • Certified Art of Transformational Coach ( CATC)

Founder of Training Center & Motivation (, Leadership and Motivation Training, Outbound Organizer).  Dan berpengalaman sebagai trainer 10 tahun

Berpengalaman sebagai konsultan di berbagai perusahaan nasional dan multi nasional: manufaktur, banking, multifinance, telekomunikasi, advertising agency, baik sebagai Specialist maupun Generalist di bidang Motivation of Human Resources

Banyak berkecimpung sebagai Konsultan, Leadership, Bimbingan Karir, Trainer, Motivator, Assessor dan Course Director untuk program Team Building di berbagai perusahaan swasta nasional dan multi nasional


Investasi :

  • Rp 3.500.000,-
  • termasuk ( Souvenir, Flash disk, materi hand-out dan CD modul, 2x coffee break, makan siang dan sertifikat )


Tempat :

Hotel Amos Cozy, Jl. Melawai Raya, Jakarta 12160, Indonesia


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